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Intro to the Success Driven Education Model

24/7 School Design and Education Policy

24/7 Writing and Communications

24/7 User Experience/ User Interface

24/7 Grammar

24/7 - US History

24/7 Digital Marketing

Career and Professional Development

School Design and Education Policy

24/7 Media Production and Design

Instructional Design Bootcamp

IDD Team

24/7 Company Wide Meetings

24/7 Executive Team Operations and Development

Finance, Funding, and Operations - FFO Team

Introduction to HR, Operations, Human Development

24/7 Education Leadership Development

Daily Math Practice

Become an Elite Educator

Khan Academy - Advanced

Shakespeare's Errant Youths

Human Trafficking and Slavery: A Global Phenomenon

Public Speaking and Communication

Social Media Ethics

24/7 Education Group: Brand Ambassadors

Renewable Energy and Sustainability

Active Reading and Comprehension

Daily Writing and Journaling

❖ Creating a Course or Project Unit

✩ ❖ Why Readers Read: Reading Comprehension

❖ Real Estate for Teens

Introduction to 24/7 Education Group

❖ Social Media Ethics

❖ Modern Photography

Journalism and Communications

❖ Internships and Apprenticeships

Starting a Hydroponic Garden

Instructional Design and Delivery Mastery Certificate

Level ❖ ELA Assessments

❖ Entrepreneurship

❖ Introduction to Drones

❖ Climate Change - Expert Panel Project

❖ Environmental Audit

❖ Green City Project - Be an Eco-Friendly Urban Designer

☼ Behavior and Classroom Mgt.

☼ Emergency Response in Schools

☼ Sexual Harassment Training for Supervisors

☼ Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

SAT - Practice Test, Preparation and Review

Intro to Financial Literacy



GED Practice Test

Level ✩ ELA Assessments

Level ❖ Math Assessments

Level ✩ Math Assessments

Elementary (3-5) ELA Assessments

ACT - Practice Test

Level ✇ Math Assessments


Math - 6th

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